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Welcome to Bella Pooch, where we consider the care of your best friend our top priority. We've provided full-
service dog grooming and pet
boarding for Pikeville pets, building a
high reputation for excellent pet care
and service.

No matter what size, shape, color, or
breed, we believe your dog deserves
the best. If you truly love your pet (and we know you do!) you'll be quick to understand the differences that make Bella Pooch such a doggone special place. To see for yourself, please drop by, or give us a call anytime!
Quality Shampoo Cream Rinse/Fluff ? Flea Dip & Skin Care ? Anal Glands Expressed - Medicated Shampoo (if needed) ? Free Day Care – Dogs & Cats
With a sincere love of animals, each pet and their owner is treated with the utmost respect and diligence. All of our dog groomers are trained and sensitive to specific dog grooming requests.
We keep an updated record for each pet we groom, so we can fulfill the owner's requests. Stop by and visit our super clean, modern, and air conditioned facility.

We specialize in AKC breed cuts and creative styling for mixed breeds. All grooming can be customized to your life style and preferences. Bella Pooch also offer high quality, specialty shampoos and conditioners to maintain your pet's coat in optimum condition.
Bella Pooch offers a variety of treatments for your dog that in some cases can help with allergic reactions that owners may have, or help with the pet's allergic reactions. We offer special dog grooming products that reduce allergens on your pet's coat. These products help many owners reduce their allergic reaction to their pet.
We take dogs outside every three to four hours for a walk or for outside play. Our suites are completely indoor, with personal valet potty breaks. We also provide a late-night let out for all pets at 9:00pm, to ensure them a comfortable night stay.

Our Boarding Services Include:
  • Climate controlled indoor suites
  • Individual playtime
  • Indoor play area
  • Long and short term boarding